Monday, January 25, 2021


             Month of May school is closed still, kids have been doing virtual since March as far as I can remember.For some you can feel the excitement of children, the thought of staying home do school works, wake up late, go somewhere. [ well, we are not allow to go anywhere for the time being 😁]  We are being home quarantined, that hold the fun a little. How exciting for some who could just stay home away from hustling and bustling of everyday life routines, a desire  to have a break at least for a couple of days is being met. Others are just frustrated because the need of going to work and  needed  of  help to watch the kids that are out of school while at work. Some are simply in disbelief that this really happening. it is harder that what we think.                           
             Graduation  in this year of Pandemic is unusual, for the very first time in generation life today, elementary, high school, and college had a very unique celebration this year. Others are undoubtedly upset and feeling disappointed , some are determined to celebrate   graduates during pandemic and became too creative to mark their miles stone of their lives. There is an  online graduation,  social distancing graduation where graduates have to stand six feet apart from each other wearing  face mask on, and guess what  NO HUGGING !  Others just celebrated with  immediate family.
                 Despite  with all of these happening around us, that didn't stopped us from running in our race to reach the goal and win the price. With striving nature and determination, we sure Survived ,Graduated  and Overcomer.  Congratulations!      " Sure God never leave  us nor forsake us. [ Deut. 31:6 ].

                 FOR IT IS GOD WHO WORKING IN YOU,        
                 BOTH TO WILL  AND TO  WORK  FOR HIS 
                 GOOD PLEASURE. [Phil.2:13]NASB1995


Jess was raised by a single  mom
who works as  a health care provider.
She graduated  Magna Cum  Laude
with  BA Psychology degree.  

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