Sunday, March 28, 2021

Leviticus 23:4-8 HAPPY EASTER Verses :Leviticus 23:5

    SPECIAL EASTER FOOD. Traditional Russian Easter foods have great significance to the people of my country, and I want to tell you a little about them. Easter eggs are the heart of the season, for they symbolize eternal life, our new life in Christ.The eggs are the symbol of our rebirth in Christ through baptism,  and eggs were prayerfully dyed and decorated with age old hallowed symbols. They were blessed by the priest and treated reverently as sacramentals being use to break the lenten fast  Easter. 

     The other traditional foods used  to break the lenten fast were koolitch  and  paska . Koolitch is a sweet yeast bread symbolizing Christ, the Bread of Life, while paska symbolizes the lamb led  to the slaughter in the Hebrew feast of the Passover, thus blending the Old and New Testament. Two tall round  kooloitches are baked to represent Christ and the church; twelve smaller ones  represent his apostles. They are filled with raisins, nut and spices and are decorated with frosting, cherries and almonds. The koolitch is spread with scoop of paska, which is rich, sweet mixture of butter, sugar, cottage cheese and raisins. These foods are important part of celebrating Easter, the feast of feasts, the day of the days, when Russian greet one another with  "Christ is risen! to which the other replies, " Truly he is Risen!'

By Catherine Doherty. For additional scripture readings Exodus 12:1-30,Num.28:16, Deutronomy 16:1-7

      One of my favorite books  to read is Women Devotional Bible, it was given as a gift by one of my mentors 23  years ago. I love it so much that where ever I go is with me. The more I read the more I learn, getting to know all these women of wisdom by their stories, sharing their impeccable testimonies, life experiences, cultures and their personal walk with God. It seems like God put them together  in one book for the world to know,  read and learn, how He walk and work  along side in every person's life. I would love to share every page I read about these amazing  women of grace that God sent us.They are few that already in heaven, but the legacies  left on earth carries on. Some  of the books they authored with are on and still in the market. That is awesome to know.     SPECIAL EASTER FOOD.

                        John 11:25-26 Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the Life.                                                   

                                                     HAPPY EASTER !



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