Friday, May 7, 2021

Mother is A unique gift from God

Happy Mother's Day !            

        How do you describe your  Mom in one word ?                                                                                       Walking back to my childhood memories, I was having conversation with my mom long time ago, she told me that I was breastfed for more that two years. I said, Wow I must have dried you out !😂 A hard working woman with patience and endurance. It is her trust in me that gives confidence wherever I go. Mother is a gift from God, there are many things that God bestowed upon us, however mother is one of the unique gift to us.She is an embodiment of love and sacrifice. The moment the baby is formed in her womb the mothering started, the basic but priceless thing the young and beginner mom do is to prepare herself  and  everything needed for her baby's arrival, not to mention the habit of praying.Then the baby is born the transition begin. God made mother because she is someone who would find joy in the simple and purpose in the mundane. I know not all mother are the same, well they can't be the same, but wether  she's privilege or unprivileged, educated or not they have one thing in common unconditional and sacrificial love.There is a single mother who works as a janitor at night and fast food chain in the morning, a nurse who work double shift, a mother who sacrifice by working abroad away from kid to support the family.A mother who works nine to five job, when she arrived home start  preparing dinner for every body, get the kids ready to bed and send  her  kids to school the next day. Whew! Only mother can do multi tasking job. A nurturer, chauffeur, nurse, baker, party organizer, cleaner, laundry lady, cook, teacher, yeah! even baby sitter to your kids. The blessing of being a grandma !                                                                                           

                Mother has this thing called extra ordinary strength and character that our living God gave them as a tool learn, grow and survive. She is able to love her children no matter who they are or what the circumstances  are. Indeed she is a QUEEN !Some said she is the HERO !In my observation, she is born leaders, servant heart, with Patience and endurance, a servant leader, who never give up easily on hope and faith among all the tribulation on her family and life.She has unexplainable bond with her children that no matter how  far, how long had been separated for a reason, that bond can't be broken it will always come together the way intended to be. Mother's role  in their children's  life changes over time, but her love and care remain at all time. Happy mother's day ! 

               Provers 23:25 Let your father and mother be glad and let her rejoice who gave birth to you.                1Corinthians 13:13 Three things will last forever- faith, hope and love, and the greatest of all this is love. Provers 22:6 Train up the child the way he should go and when he is old will not depart from it.


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