Monday, June 27, 2022

'If God be for us, it matters not who may be against us'

 Nahum 1:7 -  The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble.He cares for those who trust in him. 

                     I reading  my devotional bible this morning and I would  like to share the impeccable   message that speaks to me as well.    Read  the entire chapter one of book of Nahum .

Is God in everything  = No person or company of people, no power on earth or heaven, can touch that soul which is abiding in Christ, without first passing through his encircle presence and receiving  the seal of His permission. If God be for us, it matters not who may be against us ; nothing can disturb or harm us, except he shall  see that it is best for us,  and shall stand aside to let it pass. An earthly  parent's care for his helpless child is a feeble illustration of this. If the child is in its father arms, nothing can touch it without the father consent, unless he is too weak to prevent it. And even this should  be the case, he suffers the harm first in his own person before he allows it to reach his child. If an  earthly parent would thus care for his little helpless one, how much more will our heavenly Father, whose love is infinitely greater, and who's strength and wisdom can't never be baffled, care for us!  What is needed, then, is to see God in everything and to receive everything directly from His hands, with no intervention of second causes; and it is to just this that we must be brought before we can know an abiding experience of entire abandonment and perfect  trust. Our abandonment must be to God, not to man; and our trust must be in Him, not an any arm of flesh or we shall fail at the first trial.                  

Hannah Whitall Smith.           

Women devotional Bible is highly recommended                              

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